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Dr. David Balster - Monticello Chiropractor

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Where is Dr Balster located?

Dr Balster's chiropractic office is located at 309 E First St in downtown Monticello, Iowa.


Who is Dr Balster?

Dr. Balster's Chiropractic Clinic in Monticello, IA, has been helping people get well for over 20 years.

A graduate of Palmer University, Dr. Dave Balster has been devoted to helping people get well.

When you think all hope is lost, come to this Monticello Chiropractor. Using cutting edge technology, like the sEMG scanner, Dr. David Balster gets to the cause of your illness.

Dr. Balster has also had great success in helping athletes improve their performance. Using an energy balancing technique, Dr. Dave helps athletes perform at their peak.

Welcome to a new way of looking at your health.

Our clinic focuses on the Body-Mind-Spirit connection. We approach health holistically. We don't just look at your symptoms and offer you a quick fix. We look at your symptoms and offer you a permanent fix. How? By getting to the cause of your 'dis'-ease, instead of just masking the symptoms of your disease.

We believe that six health essentials are responsible for your health or lack of it. Thus, when we address your symptoms, we ask the question, "Which of the six areas of health is causing this dis-ease?"

It could be stress on the job. Maybe it's nutrition. Or a whole host of other factors. Whatever the cause, our intention is to discover the underlying reason for your lack of health and then to give you the tools and support to correct this cause.

On this website, you can learn more about us, our health principles, and information on becoming a new client.

To set up an initial tour of our office, please call us at (319) 465-4415. Then, print and fill out your new patient forms (click here for the .pdf version).

We honor and support you on your journey towards a better, happier life. Congratulations on beginning your new path to health.



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