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The Body Heals When Given The Chance

The body is great at healing. When you cut yourself, your wound heals automatically. Broken bones are ‘magically’ healed after a period of days and weeks. So why is it that sometimes the body heals things perfectly, and other times it seems to forget to do the healing?

Our subconscious mind, which controls which mode we are in – survival or healing – is preprogrammed from an evolutionary standpoint to favor survival over healing. It’s more important to get away from a charging bear than it is to heal that paper cut on your pinkie finger. And the important fact to realize is the body only operates in one mode at a time.

If your body isn’t healing, it’s likely that it’s spending too much time in survival mode and not enough time in healing mode.

For example, a deadline at work can put you into revved up, survival mode. It causes adrenaline to pump through your veins, which provides you an extra jolt of energy to concentrate on the goal at hand. As you’ve likely noticed, you’re not hungry while you’re in this revved up mode, and yet you have tons of energy. This is because your digestive and other healing systems have been shut down in order to divert energy to the systems that are revving you up.

But what happens after you’ve pulled the all-nighter and handed in your work? You go home and crash. You immediately go into healing mode. You sleep for 12 hours straight, you have a big appetite when you wake up, and you feel relaxed and calm. Your subconscious mind has completely switched into healing mode and your body starts to rejuvenate itself. Your deep sleep is when your body removes built-up toxins and rebuilds cells. When you awaken, your big appetite gives your body the nutrients it’s craving to further the healing process. All the water you’re drinking flushes out the built-up toxins, making you feel calm and relaxed. Doesn’t this sound like fun? How many times in the past month have you felt this way? If the number of days is quite low, is it any wonder that your body hasn’t repaired itself?


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