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The Tests Show The Way

How do we know if your body is running in survival mode? 

We use a variety of tests in our office to determine your internal chemical and neurological balance.  After analyzing your test results, your BEST doctor will be able to identify which mode your body tends to be in: survival mode or healing mode.  Depending on the results, your BEST doctor can determine if your current health symptoms are a result of emotional stresses or nutritional stresses. 

For example, if the neurological tests show your body to be nicely balanced between the sympathetic and parasympathetic systems (aka being primarily in a relaxed state of healing), but your chemical tests show your body is lacking in alkalizing nutrients, the doctor will know to focus on nutritional work with you.

If your tests show your internal chemistry is at the proper level (you’ve been eating lots of fruits and vegetables), but your nervous system tests show an excess in the sympathetic systems (survival mode) then your BEST doctor will know to focus on neural-emotional reprogramming.

The beauty of the cutting-edge technology we use in our office is that it pinpoints exactly what systems to address in order to help you heal.  The goal of these tests is to determine how we can best:
   1) Have your body in a relaxed state so that it can heal and
   2) Provide your body with the nutrients that help this healing take place. 

Once we determine which approach(s) to take, we will outline and explain how we can help you on your way to health. 

Would you like to see for yourself? Call our office for an appointment - (319) 465-4415.


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