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Oxygen is one of the most important factors in a healthy body.  The more oxygen your lungs absorb, the more oxygen your blood can carry to your cells.  Since oxygen is a major component in the production of cellular energy, the more you have, they happier you are. 

Two factors are important in the area of breath:  how you breathe and what you breathe.

What You Breathe
What is the quality of air that you are breathing in?  Do you live in a city with air pollution?  Are you constantly smelling odors in the air?  When you blow your noise, can you see pollution in your mucus?  Are you constantly smoking or around second-hand smoke? 

All these factors can affect your health because they affect the amount of oxygen your body can uptake and they also can affect how hard your body has to work to get rid of the pollutants you breathe in.

For those that live in areas where air pollution is an issue, the use of an air purifier in your home can help you breathe cleaner air.

How You Breathe
Two types of breathing exist: shallow breathing and deep breathing.  Shallow breathing occurs in the chest.  Deep breathing occurs in the abdomen.  Not only does deep breathing bring more oxygen into your lungs, it also helps your body relax and enter into healing mode.  You can monitor your breathing throughout the day.  When you notice that you're not breathing deeply, you can take a minute to focus on your breath.  Repetition of this exercise will allow the habit of deep breathing to become routine for you. 

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