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A peaceful night’s sleep is essential in the healing process.  Allow yourself to spend the last few hours before bed in a relaxed state.  This helps your body and mind clear out before going off into Never-Never Land. 

Eat at least 2-4 hours before retiring for the night.  This allows your body to finish digesting your food while you’re still awake so that your body can devote all its energy towards filtering, cleaning, and healing.

Sleeping on your back provides the best support for your spine.  When sleeping on your side, having enough support under your head and perhaps a pillow between your legs can also help support your spine.

Before you drift off to sleep, you have a chance to go over your day and focus on what you were grateful for.  These last memories are what are carried over into your subconscious mind.  If there were issues during the day that are running through your mind, this is the time to forgive, accept, and/or allow these events to be perfect.  

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