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Think & Feel

Think & Feel

What do you focus on for a majority of the day?  When a new situation occurs, do you immediately think of the benefits or the challenges of this new situation? 

When your mind has nothing else to think about, what does it think about?  When you’re focused on negative thoughts, which cause negative emotions, your body will jump out of healing mode and into survival mode.  When you’re focused on positive thoughts and emotions, your body relaxes and is allowed to function optimally. 

This sixth essential is by far the most important because the emotions we feel on a day-to-day basis affect whether we are living in survival mode or healing mode (see the BEST Technique for more info).  Our thoughts are often times routine.  We think the same thoughts over and over again.  It’s like we’re on autopilot, just running through the motions. 

Perhaps it’s time to switch off the auto-pilot and turn on the ‘me’ pilot.  Your BEST doctor can help you do this by helping you discover the new thoughts you can choose to replace the old thoughts with. 

This is an old joke, but it rings true: What’s the definition of insanity?  The definition of insanity is doing the same things over and over again, but expecting a different outcome with each repetitive attempt.  The habitual thoughts you’ve been thinking for the past __ years have gotten you to where you are today.  Which of these thoughts are helping you?  And which of these thoughts are you ready to let go of? 

During your day, you can allow your mind and body to relax.  We no longer live in a place where wild animals can kill us at any moment.  So ease up a little.  Meditate, breathe, and focus on that which you enjoy.  The goal is to allow your current emotions to promote healing.  Thus, the more you focus on gratitude, love, and acceptance, the more time your body will have to heal itself.





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