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CDs and DVDs

We suggest the following CDs & DVDs to speed up your process of healing through education. The CD sets are great because you can simply pop them into your car while driving to work. To get the most out of you healing, you can educate yourself on a new approach to your life and your health.

To Order Any of These CDs, Visit MorterSupplements.com - Nutritional Supplements for Dr. Morter

To Order The Secret DVD, Visit Amazon.com


The Secret - Featured on Oprah -    
The Secret is a DVD that Oprah highly recommends. It discusses the Law of Attraction and how it applies to our lives. If you haven't seen it yet, start with the DVD. If you have that, you can also purchase the The Secret Book Hardcover.    


An Apple a Day CD Set
This book on 5 CDs will help you understand what the particular choices in your diet can mean to your body, and how you can modify your diet to produce a consistent body chemistry that can help keep you healthy for the rest of your life.

Intentional Healing CD Set
This 5 CD set is a program by Dr. Sue Morter and Dr. M.T. Morter. It is a live recording of a seminar Dr. Sue sponsored for her patients. In it, Drs. Morter discuss the specific steps patients can take outside of the clinic in order to facilitate their healing process.

Six Essentials CDs
The six essentials to health is the cornerstone of living the BEST life. Learn how each essential effects your health and which improvements you can make to help yourself live a better, more vital life.





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