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We carry the full line of Dr. Morter's AlkaLine products. Depending on your current state of health, we might recommend using one or more of Dr. Morter's products to facilitate your return to health.

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This adrenal formula is designed to nutritionally support a stressed sympathetic nervous system.

Alka Cal
This calcium supplement supplies the body with the easily absorbed form of calcium known as calcium hydroxyappatite. Alka Cal also helps support the body's alkaline reserve.

Tip for athletes: Alka Cal helps neutralize lactic acid. Use before and after workouts to help with muscle fatigue and cramping.

Alka Cleanse
This gentle colon cleanse is designed to be used twice a year to flush out the system and to help rebuild the colon wall.

Alka Dog
Mix this alkalizing product into your dog's food to provide your pet with the alkalizing nutrients in alka green and trace minerals.

This acidophilus product helps build and restore the healthy flora in your colon, thereby facilitating the elimination of toxins and the absorption of nutrients.

Alkadophilus is specifically recommended for anyone who has been on antibiotics (which kill the healthy bacteria in the colon). It is also recommended for those that drink clorinated water, soft drinks, and coffee.

This adrenal support formula is designed to help an exhausted parasympathetic nervous system.

Alka Green
This powerful alkalizing agent is designed to boost your body's pH levels.

Alka Pan
Alka Pan provides the digestive enzymes that help break down excessive proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. Also beneficial for allergies and colds.

Alka Slim
This alkalizing, energy drink can be used to facilitate weight loss, weight gain, or an energy boost. For weight loss, use Alka Slim in place of meals. For weight gain, use Alka Slim to supplement your meals.

Alka Slim can also be used as an energizing pick-me-up and can be used in place of soda and coffee.

Chew C Berry
Vitamin C is a major antioxidant. It helps build resistance to infection, strengthens blood vessels, and aids in the absorption of iron.

Super Digest
This digestion aid is designed for those that experience indigestion, acid reflux, or bloating immediately following a meal. It contains digestive enzymes that aid in the breakdown of fruit and vegetable fiber as well as enzymes that help the lactose intolerant.

Super V
This all-vegetable multi-vitamin, unlike many store bought multi-vitamins, contains active enzymes, which allows for a higher absorption rate into the body.

Trace Energy
This homeopathic product helps maintain the high energy frequency that is achieved by the BEST technique.

Trace Minerals
This product provides the body with the trace minerals that are essential for the absorption and utilization of vitamins. Mix with juice or water.

Use on cuts to stop bleeding. Gargle 10 drops in a water to help sore throats.

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